Sunday, August 28, 2011

With their Left Flank crumbling and the the attack on the Right stalling the Beerstein Army withdraws.
The Beerstein Infantry and Cavalry make a determined attack on the Sicilian Left Flank and although hard pressed they manage to maintain their line and the attack wears down.
The Valiant Sicilian Infantry hold off the Beerstein attack out of the town.
The Sicilian Infantry, Grenadiers and Cavalry press the attack on the left flank of the Beersteiners.
The Beerstein Army occupies the town and the Sicilians refuse their flank.
The Sicilian Infantry and Cavalry advance on their right flank and the Beerstein Cavalry seeks the protection of their infantry.
The Beerstein Army advances on the town.
The Sicilian and Beerstein Armies deployed for the Battle of Naples.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Flag

After many failed attempts by myself to design a flag worthy of the new kingsdom. My good friend Capt. Bill Walker designed this flag which is inspirational and was unanamously voted as the new flag of the Kingdom of Sicily.