Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ottoman Ambassador Ottomans first to recognize The New Kingdom of Sicily

King Joseph receives the Ottoman Ambassador. The Ottomans are setting up an Embassy. They are the first country to recognize The New Kindom of Sicily.


  1. King Joseph certainly cuts a dashing figure!

  2. Colorful -as is fitting under our Mediterranean sun- and a still powerful, if slightly embarrassing, ally.
    Monte-Cristo fully acknowledge the Sicilians' right to chose their own fate.

  3. PS: for some reason I cannot make a comment to your previous post, so here it is:
    Great-looking units!

    Could you tell us more about each of them, and about the unhistoricity of their uniforms and flags?

    Good to see the Norman heritage is not forgotten in 'free' Sicily.


  4. Merchants from Frankszonia are interested in whether or not Sicily will provide a good market for procuring spices and ham ...
    And they will gladly market our wines and ceramics!